Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Time to eat!

I had trouble sleeping last night.  I mean real trouble.  I was still awake at 4:30 this morning!  Not sure what was up...lots of thinking going on these days.  Decisions flash in front of my eyes and for some reason I feel like everything has to be decided right that moment.  Whatever!  Ugh!  Half the time, they aren't even real decisions to be made, just things I invent in my head!  ha!  Mind games!

So I slept in today instead of getting up and heading to Versailles like I had planned.  I finally left the house around 4:00 and went walking.  I walked in a new direction in the neighborhood to see what I could find.  I stumbled on to more shops, a school for little ones, playgrounds and restaurants.  I stopped at a cafe, hoping for food but discovered that kitchens don't open until 7:30 at the earliest for dinner!  I had some tea, read my book and went on my way.  After wandering a bit more I ended up at a restaurant that looked promising for dinner.  I went in, had a glass of wine, read some more and waited for the kitchen to open.  I was not disappointed.  I ordered the filet, more wine and enjoyed the best meal I've had in Paris so far.  

I lingered over my meal... something I've been told I'm not very good at.  I ate slowly, savoring every bite of this perfectly cooked meal and this lovely wine.  I watched the people go by and enjoyed the view of the street.

After my scrumptious meal, I decided to have dessert.  The waiter brought me what he thought was best from the dessert menu.  It turned out to be a little bit of everything.  It was awesome!  
That is some creme brulee you see, some espresso, a mini chocolate cake thing that was warm and gooey inside, some tapioca pudding, strawberries with some green sauce on them, some tart berries over yogurt... oh my goodness!  A, B, C, Delicious!  

Once I finished, I realized that I had no clue where I was in relation to the flat.  I knew I couldn't be far since I had walked there, it all just suddenly looked very different than when I had arrived.  
I didn't have my map - oops!  I figured if worse came to worse, I could find a metro station and find my way back from there.  It turned out that after a bit of wandering, and probably a bit of luck, I stumbled onto the street that my flat is on!  I wasn't sure if I was headed in the right direction on the street, but I gave it a go.  Sure enough, I found my flat!  I was coming from the other direction, but there it was!  I made it!  Whoever said I couldn't find my way out of paper bag was wrong!  Tada!  Go Kari go! 

That grey door is the entrance and the window above the yellow framing is the window to the flat.  I even made it home before dark!  Maybe tonight I will sleep well with my full belly and be ready and raring to go on a new adventure tomorrow.  Bonsoir mon ami! 

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  1. All of that dessert looked delicious! I hope you slept better and can venture out today.