Monday, June 16, 2014

Notre Dame

 I went looking for the hunchback today ... and god. It was a no go on both accounts. I found lots of other beautiful and interesting things to occupy myself however. It was quite a day for taking in lots of sights!  

I started off toward Notre Dame, not in a hurry to get there. I was determined to go slow, look up, and enjoy everything around me. I stopped for lunch at a lovely little cafe right by the courthouse. The cafe was filled with lawyers doing business. Lots of intense discussions were happening and lots of papers were being signed. Funny how they do that  in a restaurant. This was the view of the courthouse, though. So beautiful!
Apparently there are still dungeon-like cells underneath that are still in use.  

I've been eating a lot of bread, cheese and fruit so I took this opportunity to eat some protein. Susan was sure to tell me that cheese was not enough protein and I needed to eat some soon! I took her advice and had some yummy quiche. It was fantastic! 
Feel better now Susan?  

I wandered toward Notre Dame and stumbled on to the most fabulous bookstore! I spent a good hour just looking at everything. It was pretty cramped inside and full of nooks and crannies. No pictures were allowed inside, but trust me, it was awesome! I kept thinking Gracie would have been in heaven in this place!  
I could have stayed here all day!  

Notre Dame was just across the Seine and the  bells were chiming, so I decided to go exploring. I crossed the Seine and walked up to ....

Notre Dame!

The line to get in was long but never fear, there was plenty to look at! Check out this tourist! 

There were quite a few kids who were sure she was Lady Gaga, but really she's just a tourist checking out the cathedral. How in the world does she get around in those heels? Clearly Eccos are not her style!  

As I made my way into the cathedral, I was struck by the size, the height of the ceilings, the darkness, the windows ... It was stunning. Instead of just wandering, I paid for the audio guide and made my way through it. It was well worth the 5 Euro. It was full of information that I'd never have picked up from wandering on my own.  
                                This priest was seeing people in the confessional. I did not get in line. 
 The choir was practicing for a concert this weekend. The acoustics were unbelievable. The truly sounded like angels. The oldest member of the choir could not have been more than 15. It was beautiful to listen to them sing accompanied by a harpist and violinist.  
You could light a candle and say a prayer in many spots throughout the cathedral. They were beautiful. Normally I'm not the praying type, being an atheist and all, however I lit a candle and put out some good thoughts into the world for all my family and friends who have made my life bearable this year. It's been a long year for sure. Positive thoughts in the universe can never hurt, especially for those I love so much.  

I made my way outside to the grounds and discovered gardens and statues. Again, so amazing.
Eccos at Notre Dame.

The day continued with exploring the surrounding area.  This was a lovely part of the city that I hadn't seen yet.  I zig zagged over the Seine on the many bridges and found lots of quaint cafes, shops and hotels, along with beautiful apartment buildings. 

I crossed the famous bridge that is full of locks as well.  Apparently it's been in the news of late that the locks are getting so heavy that they are damaging the bridge.  Apparently they've had to cut some off to thin it down and reduce the weight.  It sure didn't look like they'd removed anything to me! It was pretty amazing to see.  

Everywhere I've been in Paris there have been bikes available to rent on the street.

This is the first time I stumbled on to electric cars available to rent however.  These cars were plugged in on the street.  You could insert your credit card, unplug the car and drive away!  I'm not sure where you'd have to go to drop it off, or if you'd have to come back to where you started, but it is a pretty cool idea none the less! 

I walked and walked again today.  The cobblestone streets are wonderful to explore.
Eccos in the streets of Paris.  I love this city!

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  1. Thank goodness you got some protein!! Your pictures are great and it sure looks like you had a full day. Looks wonderful! I'm so happy for you. Keep exploring my friend!