Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Metro

My biggest worry before coming to Paris was how I would find my way around the city, especially since I don't speak French.  I didn't want to take taxis - too expensive, and one can only walk so far right?  Well I got initiated to the Metro as soon as I left the airport and I haven't looked back.  

I am staying in the neighborhood of Nation.  It's super close to the Metro station of Bezunval and I can link to just about anywhere from within a stop of two of here.  It's been great.  The map of the Metro can be very confusing at first glance.  It's sometimes hard to find where you are and to figure out which direction you want to go when switching lines, but the trick is to look at the end of each line on the map.  The direction the train is going is always listed as the last stop on the line.  
The nice lady in the red vest that helped me find my way from the airport taught me that trick.  It's been a godsend.  I have yet to get lost!  I have even been able to find the shortest and fastest routes to where I want to go!  Success!  When I'm done at the end of each day, I now walk through familiar tunnels to the Metro line 9 and get off at Buzenval.

I look for the Sortie (exit) sign and make my way up to the street.  
I think they want you to run every time you leave any where.  So far I haven't run, but I still manage to exit successfully!

Heading up the escalator at the Buzenval station.

Eccos on the Metro. 

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  1. Look at you finding your way out of a paper bag and on the metro! So jealous!